86 Squad - How it all started

So for those of you who don't know, my name is Mike (@demarco.mike - feel free to follow me on my personal account) and I am the owner of 86 Squad.

Ever since I started 86 Squad, I can't tell you how many times I've been asked, "Hey Mike...so like? How did you start 86 Squad?" And while I don't find this question annoying at all (I really don't, I enjoy talking to people about starting things). Repeating the same story over and over again does sometimes get repetitive. Recently I've been debating on whether or not I should start a blog on the site and haven't really had anything worth while to say but I figured answering this question would be a good way to start. So, we'll see where this goes.

It was December of 2015 when I had purchased my first car, completely on my own. A used 2013 Scion FR-S. Before that, I was driving a leased 2013 Honda Civic, my lease was almost up and I was in the process of looking for another car. I had never really considered the FR-S until I started seeing a few photos online, watched a few YouTube videos about it - it looked like an affordable fun car, so I went for it. I had NO idea that there was such a huge 86 community before purchasing the car and I had NO idea that it was shameful to keep the car stock, (I also opted for the automatic...smh, I DIDN'T KNOW!)

So literally the night after I got the car, (like most people) I was on Instagram for hours, looking at FR-S/BRZ/GT86 related posts, quickly realizing that this car is essentially a blank slate and just asking to be modified. I found a ton of inspiration on Instagram and I began taking screenshots and saving them on my phone and then I had a BRIGHT idea! What if...instead of saving all these photos on my phone, taking up a bunch of space, I just uploaded them to a separate Instagram account...(I'm a genius, I know).

The page started out with the name "FRS.LIFE". The name honestly wasn't really an important factor at the time, (being that I had no intentions of turning the page into anything). It was really just a place for me to dump photos for inspiration for future reference. And that didn't last too long. Within the first month the page reached over 1,000 followers (3 times more than my personal account had at the time).

And the rest is history! The account grew and is continuing to grow. But how? That’s the question people ask me. I’ve never spent a dime on advertising, on followers or likes. 86 Squad is 100% organically grown - lmao. And the answer is really simple, it’s consistently producing quality. That’s it! It’s a concept that can be applied to almost anything in life. If you consistently are applying 100% of your effort into something, you will see results. However, if one of those two traits are lacking, then you won’t see the results that you want. You can consistently give 50% off your efforts into achieving something, but don’t expect 100% of the result. OR! On the flip side, you can give 100% of your efforts, but INCONSISTENTLY and never get to see it’s full potential. Apply both - consistency and quality, and watch what happens.

Thanks for reading guys! Feel free to hit me up on my personal account (@demarco.mike) if you have any questions or suggestions for future blog posts!

- Mike


  • Subie.Stitch

    Yooooo!!! Do more like this! It was a good read! I look forward to it!

  • Subie.Stitch

    Yooooo!!! Do more like this! It was a good read! I look forward to it!

  • _ks.86

    Awesome story bro!! Can’t wait to see you grow even more!

  • Thethinblue86

    Whats poppin boss?

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