When I first started 86 Squad, I had one goal in mind. Build a community that brought owners and fans of the 86 platform closer together. A community that highlighted 86’s, BRZ’s and FR-S’ from stock to fully built. A place to go for inspiration and to connect with people who share the same passion.

Over the past 5 and a half years, that goal has been reached. 86 Squad has become a place to discover new builds, share ideas and cultivate relationships with people from all across the world. 86 Squad is “The Greatest 86 Community on the Planet.”

But where do we go from here? How do we take 86 Squad to a new level while at the same time staying true to our original goal?

The answer is pretty simple. It’s time to giveaway some 86’s & BRZ’s.

The Future of 86 Squad and our NEW goal moving forward will consist of giving away 86’s and BRZ’s to the community. Whether you already own one or you’re just fan of the platform, our giveaways will be open to everyone and everyone will be given an opportunity to participate.

Our first 86 Giveaway will be happening later this year and we are beyond excited to begin this next chapter in 86 Squad’s story.
Owner of @86squad
Mike DeMarco @demarco.mike